Surgery Interest Group In the Department of Surgery

Clinical Opportunities

The faculty in the General Surgery department are all very open to the idea of having students observe and often participate in the OR or in clinics. Even if you're remotely interested in surgery this is a great way to investigate your interest, establish good contacts, and learn skills that will put you ahead of the lot during your rotations!

Here is a list of the general surgery faculty with their clinical interests, as well as what day they are in the OR and clinic. Feel free to contact these surgeons at the email addresses listed below to organize with them convenient meeting times. Good luck!

PS: We are working on obtaining similar schedules for the specialties (neuro, ortho etc.)

Trauma/Critical Care:
    Dr. Susan Brundage –
    Dr. Rochelle Dicker (also general surgery) –
    Dr. David Spain (also general surgery) –

    Dr. Andrew Shelton –
    Dr. Mark Welton –

Minimally Invasive:
    Dr. Myriam Curet –
    Dr. John Morton –

Surgical Oncology/Endocrine:
    Dr. Fred Dirbas (breast) – or
    Dr. Ralph Greco –
    Dr. Stefanie Jeffrey (breast) –
    Dr. Denise Johnson (breast and melanoma) –    
    Dr. Jeffrey Norton –
    Dr. Sam So (liver) –
    Dr. Irene Wapnir (breast) –


    Dr. Sherry Wren (GI cases primarily) -
    Dr. Bassem Safadi (Minimally invasive surgery) -

Johnson / Wapnir
Dirbas / Morton / Welton
Curet / Dilbas / So / Spain / Dicker / Welton
Jeffrey / Johnson / Morton / Norton / VA: Wren / VA: Safadi
Greco / Jeffrey
Dirbas / So / Wapnir
Dirbas / Shelton / So / Trauma / Wapnir / VA Clinic
Curet / Norton / Spain / Dicker
Morton / Norton
Curet / Greco / Shelton / Welton


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