Surgery Interest Group In the Department of Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIG?

The Surgery Interest Group at Stanford is a student run organization whose goal is to promote surgery as a career as well as inform interested students about the lifestyle, requirements and other various quirks of surgery. We are also very active in creating innovative and adaptive learning opportunities for preclinical students interested in surgery.

What does SIG offer?

There are many different components to what we do. Below is an indicative and by no means comprehensive list of what we offer:

- monthly meetings with food and guest faculty lectures

- basic and advances surgical skill workshops

- an open invitation to shadow and observe surgeons at the various Stanford hospitals. We have an online calendar on which you can find exactly what suits your needs.

- more relaxed social events with the surgery department for networking.

Most importantly, whatever YOU want to see happen, we will do our best to make happen. So please come to us with any and all suggestions.

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